Thursday, 14 March 2013

Automatic gates for ultimate safety

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Why are people running after automatic gates? Sometime ago I was not interested in installing a automated barriers; even when I found my friends and neighbours opting for automated gating facilities I remained tight-lipped because I was least interested in it until the worst day in my life had arrived. Earlier I used to think that the wooden gates at the entrance are good enough to protect me and my family from potential risks. Little did I realise that they had become old and hardly had the strength to withstand forcible access. 

Last Sunday while I and my husband John were busy doing household chores together; yes!! That is a part of our weekend routine since we hardly get time to clean our home during weekdays. Anyways!! Now let me share this horrific experience with you. While we were busy with our household chores, our son Sean was silently responding to someone we had failed to notice at first. 

Suddenly we heard, Buddy, our pet Labrador retriever bark breathlessly. He was unstoppably barking at someone. After we came running, John noticed a stranger trying to catch hold of Sean. Poor baby!! We were about to lose him.  The cunning trespasser had left at the sight of us. My baby was saved. After calming down, I had noticed that someone had tried to break open our age-old pair of gates which had already undergone the test of time. Yes, finally I had understood why I should have installed an automated gate at our entrance. After the incident we had opted for a pair of electronic barriers. 

Now, both of us can sleep tight without the worries of our child being kidnapped, or our property being burgled, or our pet running out without notice. We feel safe and secure. I can now tell how I am benefitting from these electronic access control systems; here is how:

  • The pair of gates acts as a significant deterrent to burglars, kidnappers, thieves and opportunists

  • We can now keep away from unwanted visitors and salesmen who tend to knock on our doors at odd hours.
  •   Also the chances of Buddy fighting with stray dogs or cats have lowered. He can stay calm and cool at home. 
  •  Our home remains safe even if we are away 
  • We are majorly benefitting from controlled access systems. John and I can operate the gates at our own convenience and of course without stepping out of our home.
  • Gone are those days when used to get late to parties while trying to manually close the gates outside. Now the time has come when we can push a button and operate these barriers.
So, I will never say that I don’t need an automatically operated barrier because I am already benefitting from it. 
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