Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Helping you Secure your Home with Brilliant Gating Systems

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Last spring when I was renovating my home, I had to put in a lot of hard work, just to get the workers to do their job properly. I am a working woman and half my time is spent away from home. So it became very difficult for me driving back and forth from my office and home. I had to make sure that the renovation designs were shaping up properly and that everything was perfect.

I had to make sure that the kitchen drawers were being built properly, the flooring was being done well and the walls were being coated with the shade of paint I had chosen. There was more of reconstruction than construction being done in my house and I had to make sure that the designs were perfected.

Another aspect of my home that I had to take care of was the gating system of my house. The winter before burglars had broken in and stolen valuables from the house and its premises. So along with more reliable locking systems, I had to make changes in my gating system. I was at a loss and could not decide on perfect gates. And even if I chose good designs, there was no one who would install them for me.

That was when my friend suggested that I took help from Gemini Gates. And he was right; Gemini Gates helped me out a lot in selecting, delivering and installing perfect gates for my home. I called them up and asked for advice. They are good suppliers of a variety of gates and also help in installing them. They first asked me what kind of gates I wanted for my house as they have a wide range to choose from.

I chose the automated gates as they provided extra security. I did not want another burglary to take place in my house. The best part about automated gates is that they are very difficult to break into. They told me that I could choose any strong gate and they would install the automation system in it. They asked me if I wanted underground or over ground automation. And they also gave me warranty options. So after I selected my gates they send over electricians and experienced workers to install the gates and automate them. Thanks to them, till date, I have faced no difficulties with my gates. I did not have to worry about supervising the installation as they did it perfectly and explained the automation system to me.

Friday, 22 March 2013

Now Stay Worry-Free after Installing Automated Gates

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Without gates our houses will be unsafe and vulnerable. When we think that doors are enough to protect our homes from external danger, we are highly mistaken. Unless the house premises are protected by strong gates any trespasser can enter and cause harm to your house premises and the inmates. With escalating crime rates, it has become important to install sturdy gates to protect your houses properly from harm.

However, with the advancement of technology, now gates have become much safer. Now people all over the UK are installing automated gates so that they can be tension free about the security of their home. Working couples now need not worry about the safety of their homes. They can lock everything and leave for work. No burglar will be able to get past automated gates as they cannot be forced open and as burglar alarms are also activated, the house will stay well fortified.

Automated gates can only be opened by a remote. Therefore unless you have the remote you cannot get past these gates. Now you do not have to get out of your car to open and shut the gates in windy or rainy or even wintery conditions. You can enjoy the comfort of your vehicle and open the gates and also see them close in the rear view mirror. This is one of the best advantages of automated gates.

A huge concern for parents is the safety of their children. As we know, children love to go on little expeditions on their own. They are very curious and adventurous. But this curiosity can lead to big trouble. Keeping an eye on them constantly while doing house work is close to impossible because even if you are away for a minute there are chances that they will sneak out.

But if you have automated gates installed, you do not have to worry about children running out on the streets because you will have control over the lock of the gates. Therefore now all you have to do is make sure you lock the gates. Children will be safe within the premises of the house and no one, especially kidnappers, will be able to even touch them.

And even if you have pets and are horrified at thought that they might run out on the streets and get hit by a vehicle, now you can calm down. With automated gates they will be safe. Therefore, this is an example of the kind of safety, automated gates provide.

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Automatic gates for ultimate safety

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Why are people running after automatic gates? Sometime ago I was not interested in installing a automated barriers; even when I found my friends and neighbours opting for automated gating facilities I remained tight-lipped because I was least interested in it until the worst day in my life had arrived. Earlier I used to think that the wooden gates at the entrance are good enough to protect me and my family from potential risks. Little did I realise that they had become old and hardly had the strength to withstand forcible access. 

Last Sunday while I and my husband John were busy doing household chores together; yes!! That is a part of our weekend routine since we hardly get time to clean our home during weekdays. Anyways!! Now let me share this horrific experience with you. While we were busy with our household chores, our son Sean was silently responding to someone we had failed to notice at first. 

Suddenly we heard, Buddy, our pet Labrador retriever bark breathlessly. He was unstoppably barking at someone. After we came running, John noticed a stranger trying to catch hold of Sean. Poor baby!! We were about to lose him.  The cunning trespasser had left at the sight of us. My baby was saved. After calming down, I had noticed that someone had tried to break open our age-old pair of gates which had already undergone the test of time. Yes, finally I had understood why I should have installed an automated gate at our entrance. After the incident we had opted for a pair of electronic barriers. 

Now, both of us can sleep tight without the worries of our child being kidnapped, or our property being burgled, or our pet running out without notice. We feel safe and secure. I can now tell how I am benefitting from these electronic access control systems; here is how:

  • The pair of gates acts as a significant deterrent to burglars, kidnappers, thieves and opportunists

  • We can now keep away from unwanted visitors and salesmen who tend to knock on our doors at odd hours.
  •   Also the chances of Buddy fighting with stray dogs or cats have lowered. He can stay calm and cool at home. 
  •  Our home remains safe even if we are away 
  • We are majorly benefitting from controlled access systems. John and I can operate the gates at our own convenience and of course without stepping out of our home.
  • Gone are those days when used to get late to parties while trying to manually close the gates outside. Now the time has come when we can push a button and operate these barriers.
So, I will never say that I don’t need an automatically operated barrier because I am already benefitting from it. 
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Saturday, 2 March 2013

Build and Install the Gates of your Home Wisely

Have you ever seen a house without doors and windows? Of course not and the reason is simple. A house needs doors, gates and windows for security purposes. Gates provide that extra bit of security that a house requires so that the inmates are safe. Gates fortify a house and keeps intruders at bay.
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Gates also stop trespassers, thieves and robbers from entering the premises and causing harm to the inmates or the property. These gates can be made from various sorts of materials like:

  • Steel
  • Iron
  • Wrought Iron
  • Wood
The two most common material used to build gates are iron and wood. While most people opt for iron gates, there are many who also like to install wooden gates. Both types of gates can be used to protect the premises of a house. Many say that iron gates are better than wooden gates and many think otherwise. 

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Well, we can weigh out the pros and cons of both the materials. As iron is tougher than wood most people opt for iron gates. Breaking through iron gates is very difficult as nothing but high heat can damage iron. Burglars and trespassers will find it very hard to break into houses with iron gates. These gates are thick and cannot be discreetly sawed into. Even if intruders try and cut through iron, they won’t be able to do it without making noise. However, no matter how tough iron gates are, they are a bit on the expensive side as compared to wooden gates.

Wooden gates are very attractive and have an old world charm to them. Many people install wooden gates so that the exterior of their house looks attractive. Wood has a habit of wilting under its own weight and loosening up at the joints. However, wooden gates are cost effective and cost less than iron gates. If a really hard and thick plank of wood is used to make the gates, then breaking through it cautiously without making noise will be impossible. 

Also, one should install gates keeping in mind the weather conditions of the city. If the city is damp most of the time and receives a good amount of rainfall every year, they should not even think of installing wooden gates because wet wood tends to weaken and becomes vulnerable. Before installing gates in your home, it’s very important to check all the pros and cons of the material the gate is made of.

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Automated gates are a paradigm of urban lifestyle

A saying goes round the world, “good fences make good neighbours.” Not always true but a good fence around the property makes your house cynosure of all the eyes. Installation of an attractive gate beside the fences enhances beauty of your house. These, fences and gates, are the beautiful accessories for an elegant home. 

One needs to install strong and sturdy gates at the entrance of their houses. Several types of gates are made available to home owners. All of these gates can be procured in a wide array of designs and styles. 

Whether it’s a residential or commercial property, installation of strong and sturdy gates is utmost priority that one must abide by. One should also keep different types of materials, colour and purpose of installing the gates in mind. There are three basic models of gates available in the market, which include automated gates, wooden gates and metal gates. 

In the present times, popularity of automated gates has soared sky high. Due to the convenience in operating and heightened security features, automated gates are quite prominent in the modern housing sector.

Primary benefits of automated gates
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·        Intensified safety and security: Living a safe and secure life is everybody’s wish. With the installation of automated gates, one can broaden the safety measures. As such gates are operated with machines, so it’s almost impossible for intruders to make an unauthorized entry into the house. You belongings are kept safely under the watchful eyes of automated gates. 

·        Enhanced aesthetics appeal: It’s the outer appearance of your house that gets noticed by the bystanders. To make an impact on mind of passers-by, install a catchy gate. In many ways, exterior beauty of the house increases its value and if you are to sell the house in near future, you can gain a lot from the house. 

·        Keep treacherous animals at bay: Under the strong features of automated gates, wild animals can no way enter the premises of your house. These dangerous animals can harm the garden and plants and trees inside the boundary of your house. So, install the automated gates to keep wildlife at bay. 

·        Add comfort into your living: With all the new technology enabled features, automated gates run with latest mechanisms. In many ways, such gates can ward off annoyance from your part and add value to your living. 

With all the cutting edge mechanisms, automated gates are the prime choice of homeowners. If you, too, run with a desire to give your house a stunning look, some of latest automated gates in Surrey are available on the online shops. You can also procure all the required tools and kits necessary to operate automated gates. 

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Protect the Gates that Protect you

Often while we walk down the road we glance upon beautiful gates. We actually take time off to just stand and admire the beauty of such gates. What makes us stand and take notice of such gates? The answer for this would definitely be the beauty if these gates. Gates add to the beauty of your homes. But did you always think that gates are all about just beauty! Then you are absolutely wrong to have thought something like this because gates are also about taking care of the people living in.

Gates give the people a sense of security that they are safe under the strong shelter of the gates. It is important that people install strong and sturdy gates for their home. The add-ons to this sense of protection could be the beauty of these gates. But the primary focus should be on the safety issue following which the beauty of the gates can be taken into consideration.

Iron Gates vs Wooden Gates by bakerclayton25
Keeping the safety issues in mind along with the issue of ensuring that the gates look good, the best suited option would be iron gates. Iron gates have that very sleek look besides providing the people a very strong sense of protection. It is with the help of these iron gates that the beauty of the house is enhanced and people actually stand by to take notice of the intricate details of the design of these iron gates.

It might come as a shocking piece of news to everybody but the fact remains that there has been a sudden increase in gate thefts. Gate thefts have been on a rise due to the rising prices of iron and other such raw materials. This comes as a little surprise because gates are mainly built for the protection of the people living inside but on the contrary the safety of the gates themselves have becomes compromised. This problem is mostly faced by the people living in the areas of Hampshire, Southampton and also a few places around Scotland.

In order to avoid such an incident involving your garden gates, you could consider installing automated garden gates. The facility that you get with the automated gates is that you get the intimation every time there is some or the other kind of activity around the gate. So, your home and family and the gates remain safe.

Friday, 14 December 2012

Aesthetically, Automated Iron Gates Have No Subsidiary as Perfect Security Means

The festive season is round the corner and it’s during this time that lots of break-ins and other offences occur in households. It’s better to be safe beforehand than sorry after the incidence. What better way could be to avert such circumstances other than applying safety measures in the houses?

Stay Safe and Secure Inside the Boundary of Your House
Gates are the perfect way to stay safe and secure inside the four walls of your house. By putting gates at the entrance, you can secure entire property of yours from unwanted social elements. For that, always go with strong and sturdy gates and not fragile ones as these are vulnerable for break-ins and thefts to happen at your house.

Applying proper safety measures is not a rocket science but not an easy task to perform as well. So, one should be quite careful in picking up a gate to install at the entrance of house.

Iron Gates are the Wishful Choice for Many
Iron gates are one such securing your properties much strongly. It’s not a genius’ job to look for benefits out of iron gates but by day to day experiences too you can collect everything. Not only iron gates are tough but also provide aesthetic beauty to the peripheral area.

Take a leaf out of others’ book as you would see a large number of neighbourhood houses being manned at the entrance by iron gates. In the recent times, use of these gates has increased everywhere.

Not Only an Accessorial but also a Security Means
If you see it as an accessory means to house, time to do some work with your mindset. These cannot be merely taken as a medium to beautify your house rather, on the serious notes, iron gates are the guards which never let dangerous elements with criminal mindset enter inside the boundary.

Automated Iron Gates are in Trend
Technology has touched almost every aspect of life; same is true with putting latch system. These days, automated gates are in trend, aesthetically as well as for security reasons. For them who have tuned in late in the technology segment, automated gates are operated automatically and not manually. Human effort is no longer prevalent; now open and shut the door on the click of buttons.

If elegance is what you are looking for in the house, automated iron gates make up for a perfect choice, strong, sturdy and at the same time fashionable. Other types are also in existence but iron gates, automated, unsurprisingly top the wish list for gates.